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Simplicity is the keynote
of all true elegance.

(Coco Chanel)


  • Why choose you?

    We are always present in the territory, supported by our operations office in Sassuolo, the world ceramic tile capital.
    Thanks to our set-up, we are in a continued contact with our represented manufacturers, offering our customers in Belgium a speedy and efficient liaison

  • Which your qualifications?

    We have a qualified market expertise.
    Though coming from different background, we have been brought together by the enthusiasm for our profession and by the challenge of finding the optimal solution for any tiling project.
    A long working experience in Belgium allowed us a deep understanding of the market’s requirements and the creation of a loyal clientele, both essential to our professional progress.

  • How do you work?

    Through our knowledgeable interpretation of your requirements, we would address you to leading ITALIAN manufacturers who can supply products best fitting your tastes and technical requirements.

  • How can you help me?

    Our key strength is

    a comprehensive product portfolio
    from selected ITALIAN manufacturers
    guaranteeing a response equal to any requirement

    from a custom designed residential to an industrial/public building project.

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